A critical view on the world… Somebody has to do it?

The idea for www.uberhaupt.be grew from the realisation that mainstream media don’t do a very good job in their reporting on what’s happening in the world. www.uberhaupt.be aims to burst the bubble of propaganda or simply inform readers on certain facts systematically omitted by mainstream media, for whatever reason.

überhaupt‘ is a Dutch word (derived from German) and is not easily translatable. The best description of its meaning is ‘taking everything into account‘. And that is exactly what www.uberhaupt.be tries to do.

You will read about Western (often United States) foreign policy in the Middle East and in the rest of the world; the Israel-Palestine conflict, its causes and often-heard misconceptions; neoliberal economic policy and more.

The website is managed by Geeraard Peeters, trained as a journalist, with an above average knowledge of world history and a critical eye for everything he sees, reads and hears. He writes in his own name and is not affiliated to any political, ideological, economic, ethnic, religious or other organisation. As a native Dutch speaker, Geeraard will make use of English as well as Dutch sources. Whenever possible, the Dutch citations will be translated into English for everyone’s understanding.

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